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Landscape Installation

After the landscape design and budget are established The Garden Gate® will submit a detailed proposal for the work proposed. Once accepted the project is placed into the schedule, then we order plants and supplies and get started. Your designer will work with you and the assigned crew ensuring everything is placed and your landscape installation project proceeds according to plan. You are invited to provide input and suggestions, or sit back and watch as your new landscape comes to life.

Once your project starts we will proceed without delay until all landscape is installed per plan. Upon completion, we will inspect the landscape with you to ensure you are completely satisfied.

If you require assistance in maintaining your yard our affiliated company, AZ Landscape Maintenance, can help.


LI_001Custom Metal Fences Gates & Trellises

The Garden Gate® can fabricate a wide range of custom metal gates, fences and trellises. Also, custom metal pots and planters.



LI_002Custom Rock Water Features

There are few sounds in nature more soothing than running water. The Garden Gate® specializes in custom water features that can add immeasurable enjoyment to your landscape.



LI_003Low Voltage Lighting

You will enjoy your evenings in the desert even more with state-of-the-art landscape and accent lighting.




Irrigation Systems

Efficient watering is a must in Southern Arizona’s desert climate, and The Garden Gate’s irrigation know-how is unsurpassed. Too much watering is as problematic for plants as too little. The Garden Gate® utilizes the latest water usage technologies including rainwater harvesting. From drip emitters to timers and everything in between, we will help you choose the watering system best suited for your project.


LI_005Boulder Work, Berms & Swales

Boulders, berms and swales are both decorative and functional in your project. They can control or divert water, add elevation to a flat lot, and provide “screening” to make the landscape more interesting.



LI_006Outdoor Kitchens, Flagstone, Pots  & More

A great benefit of southwest living is the abundant opportunity to enjoy the outdoors year-round. The Garden Gate® can construct all of the features that add enjoyment to your personal environment — outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, fire pits, banco seating, patios, pool decks, paths and walk ways.

Let us help you create the outdoor living space of your dreams..